Currently, College food service buyers are challenged when looking for up to date Food Service Product information. Many food service directors or managers Google the ingredients, or perhaps check with their distributor rep. Maybe they go to various manufacturers’ websites, hoping to find the information they seek. But until now, there was no single place that would give them the whole picture needed to make the most informed choice.

Now there is a single, unified food service product catalog created just for food service buyers:

Food Service buyers can now search across food service manufacturers and get detailed, up to date information. 1FS utilizes powerful searching functionality allowing users to search by keyword, sku or nutritional values. Users can also use the 1FS Comparison Tool to compare products and find the one that fits their needs.

Manufacturers have a new, efficient channel to get their products in front of motivated buyers – Manufacturers simply "Publish" their relevant college products  via the GS1 network to 1FS. The 1FS Product Management tool allows manufacturers to easily manage product data at all depths, from the basics of product and sku pack sizes, to complete nutritionals, to distributor skus to CMC and GPO acceptance levels.